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Why Choose Aluminum Cans As a Packing Unit?

aluminum cans

There is no doubt about aluminum cans. They are the most sustainable package on literally every measure. Indeed, they have a greater recycling rate as compared to other types of packaging like steel or plastic.

Above everything else, aluminum cans are recycled time and again in a closed-loop recycling process. Did you know that making a beverage can from recycled aluminum decreases greenhouse gas and energy use at least by 90% and every canned beverage in the United States contains more than 70% of recycled aluminum?

Due to its strength and versatility, the use of aluminum is becoming prevalent, and it will continue to do so.

Advantages of Aluminum

On top of being sustainable, aluminum cans offer tremendous advantages as a packaging unit.

1.  100% Recyclable

Aluminum cans are so unique that they can be easily recycled back to their original shape and size. They are 100% recyclable and retain all their original contents during the whole recycling process.

Because it takes 8% of the energy to produce aluminum from recycled material as compared to producing new aluminum, high recycled content is a great sign of the aluminum cans’ environmental footprint.

2.  Lightweight

Aluminum cans weigh approx. 2.71 g/cm3. It is literally one-third of the steel weight which makes it even more affordable to transport as compared to other metal types. Using many alloy elements makes aluminum even stronger which further enhances its formability.

3.  Corrosion-Resistant

As we all know, aluminum is a corrosion-resistant metal that creates a protective layer. The coating is extremely thin and is produced when aluminum comes into touch with an oxidizing environment.

The protective aluminum coating allows in protecting the metal surface from the effect of corrosion. Besides, getting surface treatment like coating can improve the corrosion resistance of the metal. On top of this, the aluminum can ensure that no bubbles will ever leave the can till it’s opened and, as opposed to PET, light cannot negatively influence the taste of your beverage.

4.  Customized Packaging

Nowadays, consumers are highly particular about the quality of materials, designs, and environmental impact of products they purchase. Lately, the manufacturing industry uses aluminum as its highly preferred eco-packaging material. There are different aluminum can size options available:

  • Sleek Cans:25L, 0.33L, 0.355L
  • Slimline Cans: 15L, 0.20L, 0.25L
  • Standard Cans: 25L, 0.33L, 0.44L, 0.50L, 0.588L
  • King Size Cans: 75L, 0.95L, and 1.00L


Apart from its so many advantages that we’ve listed above, the aluminum can is seen by the customer as highly convenient as it is cooled to a low temperature quickly. If you are a business that deals in beverages like alcohol or non-alcohol, investing in aluminum cans will not just improve the features of your product but also adds to customer satisfaction.

Let us evaluate the ideal solution to produce the appropriate aluminum packaging for your product line.