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What is Hard Seltzer’s drink?


The rise of Hard Seltzer’s drink has made a lot of Americans go gaga over it. It seems that they have found their drink of joy. So, what is Seltzer’s drink?

An alcoholic carbonated drink that is lower in carbs and calories as compared to wine and beer.

Influenced by Instagram and YouTube, Generations Y and Z have found their pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle with this amazing drink.

At present, it has definitely replaced other canned drinks, and looks like the drink craze is going to be shifting from the US to Europe soon and flood the stores in the coming times. Who will be the next White Claw, Truly, Henry’s, Vizzy or Bon & Viv of Europe?

With the surge in popularity, no wonder how most of the brands are so low in sugar, portable, gluten-free, flavorful, and refreshing. With tropical flavors like coconut and pineapple, just one sip will shift your imagination to the beach even when you are not present there physically. How cool is that?

Hard Seltzer’s drinks are growing at a spectacular rate and producers are pulling customers from other beverage categories. It’s a category that seeks attention and it won’t disappoint you at all.

Although the drink itself is quite simple (water, alcohol, flavor), that is also what makes it a big challenge at the same time! One needs to carefully select the type of alcohol depending on the market and local taxation rules. Not adding any sugars is appealing but giving the hard seltzer still a crisp and flavorful taste not as easy at the same time.

It’s time to adopt the newest way of drinking alcohol but, in a healthy way. We at PL Beverage have the right team to assist you with flexible private-label development, filing and packaging for aluminum cans in all sizes.

If you are planning to launch your brand or Hard Seltzer’s drink on the market, collaborate with us soon. Together, we will drive the change towards healthy and tasty alcohol drinking. Cheers!