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From lab, to our tried and true recipes, to production to our long-established worldwide distribution channels, PL Beverage unique, customer driven approach delivers the flexibility you require while also assuring the quality and satisfaction you and your customers expect – end to end.

Your needs are unique. Whether a beverage innovator looking for lab support and small run options or a large enterprise searching for cost-efficient, private labelling co-packing service; PL Beverage’s modular approach provides unprecedented flexibility while also providing the assurance of the best possible quality.

100% manufactured in Germany and with a production capacity of over 200 million fills per year, our facility can manufacture all can sizes, PET water bottles and PET shots – all privately labeled. Our product portfolio further provides multiple packaging options, use of our own water source and access to a state-of-the art laboratory facility.

Beverage Development

From (German) beer, wine, juices, health shots, sodas to (flavoured) water, energy drinks and more; Our Beverage portfolio offers endless possibilities. Both off-the-shelf as well as customized.


Make use of both our in-house know-how as well as our longstanding relationship to numerous raw-materials, flavors, extracts and specialized ingredient suppliers to create the best possible beverage. We can offer both off-she-shell recipes without any development costs involved or we can jointly create your unique beverage.


PL Beverage is committed to the highest quality possible and perform multiple industry standard analyses. Our standard chemical and technical tests for finished products include amongst others: Determination of Brix content, total acidity, pH, carbon dioxide content, oxygen headspace, color, PE value measurements, etc. For can and PET shot production we make use of our own water source treated with ion exchangers and an UV system. Our PET waters come from a high-quality mineral. At the end of the day a comprehensive and reliable microbiological monitoring ensures reliable product quality.


The state-of-the-art PL Beverage facility operates under a quality management system (QMS) and we have been uninterruptedly been granted the International Featured Standard (IFS) certification. In addition, we have successfully concluded the following audits; HACCP and GMP, EU Organic Regulation, Amazon, Marks&Spencer, Halal, Kosher, Vegan and Social audit.


In our state-of-the art facility, in which everything is about quality, we can produce any beverage of your liking in any can size and design of your liking (normal varnish, matt varnish, colored lids, etc.).


We make use of the best of four class filling lines (Krones) to produce your beverage and we handle following can sizes:

  • Slimline: 0.15L, 0.20L, 0.25L
  • Sleek: 0.25L, 0.33L, 0.355L
  • Standard: 0.25L, 0.33L, 0.44L, 050L, 0.588L
  • King Cans: 0.75L, 0.95L, 1.00L


nd it’s a wrap! Before we place your cans on a pallet of your liking, we make sure to finalize the (branded) packaging. For this we have several options:

  • 4, 6, 12 multi-pack in plastic shrink-wrap
  • 12, 15, 18, 24, 30 multi-pack cardboard trays
  • Multi-pack in tray (with or without wrap)
  • Multiple hand-made, customized packaging possibilities like display pallets, a variety of cans on a single cardboard tray, 1 liter carton package, etc.


PL Beverage makes use of a dedicated PET filling line for water beverages. The mineral water source contains a balanced composition of valuable minerals and trace elements. The result: A refreshing and healthy water with a high concentration of calcium (537mg/L) and magnesium (92mg/L) and extremely low amounts of nitrate ( < 0.5mg/L). We fill following mineral waters:

  • Natural – no CO2
  • Still – up to 3.0 gr CO2/L
  • Medium – up to 4.5 gr CO2/L
  • Sparkling – 7.8 gr CO2/L
  • Near Waters
  • We can handle the following PET bottle sizes:
  • 0.5L, 1.0L
Packaging Design

PL Beverage can design the label of your product according to the brand guidelines to assure your beverage stands out and has the desired impact on any shelf.


To ensure the success of your privately labeled beverage, it is important to create a brand that communicates the best aspects of the product to attract your target customers. We know how important the little things are and only perfection will generate market success. Let us surprise you with an eye-catching design which perfectly matches your target audience, the region you are selling in, your distribution channel as well as the value proposition of your beverage.


In a competitive market only a perfect first impression will suffice. Besides can design, we also have experience with packaging design like trays and multi-packs and gladly assist you along the way.

Storage Logistics

We store your produce free of charge for a short period after production. Upon request; PL Beverage can manage the worldwide distribution of your beverages.


Storage is free of charge for a period of 5 days following production. After this, storage costs will be charged per pallet and month.


Upon request; PL Beverage will manage the worldwide distribution of your beverages with our trusted and experienced global distribution partners.


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